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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

- Hippo ProOne -

Got a good earphones recently! The Hippo ProOne! Yes, the brand is Hippo!

In case you guys totally have no idea about Hippo brand. Hippo Audio is a Korea brand affiliate with Jaben, their only sole agent/distributor globally. They are a company who loves sound but keep the exposure and production in low profile, that’s why many people have not heard of this brand. Popular products such as Hippo VB, Shroom, Pearl are doing a reasonable amount of great job in other continents beside Asia, leading to even better product R&D, the Hippo ProOne, their first BA driver earphone in the market.

Hippo ProOne looks similar to Westone UM1. Both of them are using the same concept of transparent housing, soft cable for flexibility and easy handling. The ergonomic design is quite comfortable for me, it has a slightly broader on the part which connected to tube nozzle, mainly because of the BA driver placement, which is the most unique part in Hippo ProOne. You might need to take a little while to get use to the way u wear them but you get used to it in no time. Hippo ProOne is the first of the kind it sounds really really good.

The best part is there is no cable noise and the 3.5mm Jack is small enough to fit in most of protective cases!

Sound wise. Treble is good, Midtone is clear and Bass is not muddy.

It's really a good buy and I got special price thanks to Mr D Ng :D

There you go, thats my Hippo ProOne! :D

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

BiAos & Shiong - 你不知道的事!

不知不覺已經過了兩年!這是我和 bear bear 在教堂裡的某個角落錄的!


我飞行 但你坠落之际
很靠近 还听见呼吸
对不起 我却没捉紧你

你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨

多的是 你不知道的事

你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨

多的是 你不知道的事
多的是 你不知道的事

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Word Feast & Holy Ghost Encounter 2013

On Friday, it's the first Holy Ghost Encounter for the year 2013 and I am so glad that I attended the service and being soaked in the presence of God!
This is the first time that Holy Ghost Encounter stretch from 3pm in the afternoon to 10.15pm at night.

In the day session, Pastor Colin shared about the House of God and that Jesus is the gate of heaven.
Deeply ministered by the word and the worship session led by Pastor Pacer & Sis Nova.

Went for a quick dinner and proceed to Sanctuary for the main service.
At this service, the presence of God is so strong and the Holy Spirit is moving in the Sanctuary.

I prayed, casting all my problems and challenges to God, I fell on my knees and tears juz roll down. I continue to pray and a voice told me "God is with you" and I repeated, God is with me. At this time, I felt such peace and joy and although I am smiling but tears rolled down again. Tears of Joy? It just felt so wondeful.

We continue to sing praises to God and the presence of God is really strong that night!
Ended the night singing "God is Able" but after singing it, Adriel(who is leading worship) asked if we want another song, and yes! we sang another song to praise God! and indeed God is Good, All the Time and All the time, God is Good!

Praise God for this event and I will definitely attend it again!
God bless! John Matthias Signing off!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Believe by Lenny LeBlanc

If you guys are wondering whats the song thats playing in the background, its "I Believe" by Lenny LeBlanc. Its a wonderful and beautiful song which I only came to know after attending the Worship Leading Workshop conducted by my home church, Lighthouse Evangelism. 

It's in Lenny LeBlanc's "Above All" Album thats released in 1999 by Integrity Music and this song is Yielded Top 15 inspirational single. 

The lyrics is truly wonderful. It reminds us that Jesus is our resting place, our bridge, our Saviour and passageway to heaven! Indeed as quoted in Psalm 91:1-2
"1 Happy is he whose resting-place is in the secret of the Lord, and under the shade of the wings of the Most High; 2 Who says of the Lord, He is my safe place and my tower of strength: he is my God, in whom is my hope"
In all we do, God knows all our struggles and He is always faithful and our help in times of need. Therefore let's pray for God to keep our hearts in the right direction, according to His plan and purpose for us.
"11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11
Let's enjoy the song. Lyrics for the song is here! God Bless! 
Verse 1:
Like a ship on troubled waters
Many sail alone
Mothers weep for sons and daughters
And pray they will come home
For soon it will be harvest time
And all the storms will pass
O what joy I'll find
When I see You at last

You are my resting place
Along the narrow highway
You are my bridge
Across the open sea
You are my Savior
And my passageway to Heaven
O Jesus I believe in You
O Jesus I believe

Verse 2:
Father You have seen my struggles
And You have known my fears
But Lord You've been so faithful
To wipe away my tears
So when the world laughs at me
And says I'm just a fool
I will bow my knee
And worship only You

I believe You are the only answer
To life's questions
Lord help me keep my heart
In the right direction

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I am Back!

Hey all!!! After 1.5 Years, this blog will be active again! :D I will be doing some revamping of the blog and will be back in full force soon! Stay tuned! :D

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Transformation - After 3 months

It has been a 3 months journey which is quite fast.
Through this 3 months, my eating habit change, and daily habits change too. It's these changes together with acupuncture that made it possible.

Thanks to my friendly consultant Jamie who is always there to encourage and advise on what to eat, what to avoid.

Thanks to my family, especially mum for the encouragement!

When I started out on the program, I was 83.5kgs
When it ended, I managed to loose 14kgs, making my weight 69.5kgs.

As of now, i just weigh myself yesterday. Weight went down abit too, is 68.8kgs now.



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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Transformation - Day 14

Wow! Its been 14 days already! Tomorrow will be my 1st review and new plan awaits! :D
It will also be my 1st acupuncture session tmr! Looking forward to it.

Its been a long 14 days and it's really really hard to curb those cravings... esp when i smell nice food and my fav food! >.<"

But Thank God all is well!

5.4 down since day 1! :)

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